Imagery in Meditation

Hi Deepak, I learned how to meditate two years ago and I have taken to it very well. In two years I have been to silence twice, which I’ve been told is very good going! The strangest thing happened to me 6 months ago over the space of 2 weeks. On four separate occasions, I had a random flood of visually imagery that I could not trace back to a dream, memories from the past etc. In fact the images were nothing I had seen before. They lasted around 8 secs each and then left again, but the strangest thing of all was that once they left, I had no recollection of what they were. What I do recall is that the images weren’t terrifying or worrying, but the experience was. I can only describe this flood of imagery as if someone had opened the top of my head and poured freezing cold water onto my brain, then ran the whole way down the inside of my body and then left through my feet. Towards the end of this two week period, on the Friday, I started to feel really disorientated yet still coherent, and was walking around feeling half drunk. To make matters worse, everything I looked it had deja vu attached to it, even memories. I was so concerned that my mental health was on the rocks that I started to Google ‘schizophrenia’ and psychosis and the like, but I knew deep down that this was not it, but I feared that there was no one I could talk to because I knew that this was something that not no one would understand, or even relate to. I stayed in bed for the weekend, praying for it to go away. The on the Sat night whilst lying in bed, I felt this huge surge of roasting hot energy travel from my stomach to my head, and it kept running back and forth for around 15 mins, it was a beautiful feeling. I started then laughing to myself, almost sensing that I wasn’t going crazy, but maybe sensing that it was a visit from elsewhere. The next day I woke up I was back to normal, thank God. It was an experience that I hope never happens to me again, I felt so alone. What do you think this could have been? My Meditation teacher suggested that my awareness was expanding? Thanks!