In Love with A Married Man

My best friend is involved with a married man. I see how much she tries to leave him and cut the relationship but she can’t do it. She really deserves a complete and great love. She is very kind, loving, generous and a great woman. But she happened to fall in love with a married man. She started meditating one month ago and sometimes we do that together very early in the morning. I am her best friend and I am also confused and feel guilty because I can’t give to her correct advices. Is she really doing something bad because she is with a married guy? Or love is written in different ways? Maybe this love is not incorrect or maybe it is completely incorrect. What do you think about this from a high level point of view? We both have been raised on very traditional families where dating a married man is extremely incorrect. Is this really incorrect? With him she has lived things that she has never experienced before and she is scared that she will not feel them with anyone else again. I told her that she is in another level so she will attract better guys into her life because she has also grown.
Please give us your point of view.