Intelligence in the Animate and Inanimate

We all know there is a definite difference between animate and inanimate matter. I reckon the difference is that of “That Intelligence” which you talk about as God, which we so clearly see when studying biology. That intelligence which knows how to run the life. As I understand from your talk, this is the soul, intelligence or god or the consciousness, awareness. Because this Intelligence is lacking in inanimate matter, I don’t quite see the soul in inanimate matter. My question is how can we say that consciousness is there in inanimate matter too?? The definite difference between the two is what I see as the real magical God, or the consciousness which is so self creating and self repairing, even though the inanimate matter is still considered God, because God is Omnipresent. In Advaita, as they say “All there is, is consciousness” doesn’t make complete sense to me, as I see there is that Special Intelligence in life forms which is lacking in inanimate matter, because of which we can call it soul less. Your explanation would be much appreciated. Thank you.