Is It Okay to Say “No” ?

As children we were taught “no, no, no”  when we were exploring our environments. In this way we were taught how to have  power over another. Then we become parents finding ourselves in the same situations. Protecting the ones we love through our decisions we make for them. We do have the highest of intentions however these intentions are a way our ego expresses itself, for surely how are we to know God’s intentions for another being placed in our immediate surroundings.

So let’s say when someone asks or needs help, I’m unable to say “no” even when it may put further strain on my personal well being. I have a hard time wondering if God is coming through these people and if God asked me for help. How dare I deny him. This is the inner struggle I face in being able to say “no” to others request. Then of course as an individual I struggle with the feelings of being walked all over. Having my kindness manipulated. If its life threatening of course no is easier to administer however if a minor inconvenience or the fact that I may personally do without to give to someone I love, i.e. children, lovers, parents. the sacrifice seems minimal to the sacrifices of others especially God through Jesus. Is this life I live not the life of God in expression.

So I guess what I am seeking is a theory where you believe God says NO is necessary.