Jealous of Co-Worker

I work in a small room with my supervisor and another co-worker, and I struggle to maintain harmonious relationships with them. This co-worker is particularly annoying and frustrating to me in that she always likes to be involved in everyone’s business and at the center of attention. Although I have been working here for 2 years now, and she, much longer, the position I was hired in as, is higher than hers, and there has always been a sense of competition between us. I have been treated well by my supervisor, and am working on gaining her trust and confidence in me in order that I might be given opportunities/projects for growth in my skills. This co-worker of mine does good work, yet, I am irritated and jealous when she receives special treatment as well. How do I change my attitude about this situation if I would like to get along with my co-worker and continue climbing up the ladder?