Lesbian Considerations

I am a 30 year old female. I have basically lived until the age of 25 only being attracted to men. I had come upon a time in my life where I was not in a relationship doing a lot of yoga, and I was feeling not enlightened but more evolved than I had been before in my past. Then one night I just had a feeling or word come to me, and it was lesbian. Ever since then I have been fighting this though or idea of who I may be. I am in a relationship with a boyfriend. But I am experiencing a lot of suffering, pain and discomfort, and having trouble dealing with this. I left my path to be more spiritually evolved because what I found was scary. It is hard to be different than you had known yourself to be. It is hard to be different than your family, friends, and boyfriend know you to be. I am also trying to understand where this came from, and where all of sudden an attraction to females came from, when I had been attracted to only males before, and had relationship that were emotionally and physically satisfying. If you could shed any light on this experience, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your help.