Living the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

I am 15 years old boy. Your book “the seven spiritual laws of success” really changed my life. it lifted me up. I thank you for your support which is so valuable. But as I was following them one day I thought these laws are correct but they bind me up like a cage . Because I understood them with my mind, I then I came to the conclusion that they have to be followed naturally. So I dropped them. Was that correct decision? In my board exams I got lower marks than expected. After few days a thunder arose, it washed off my attachments , my dreams. Now I felt that I was living a hypnotized life due to my dreams. this was all because of my broken dream of board exams. I feel gratitude towards that broken dream. I feel my enlightenment near, just a spark away. But then I also feel it is a long way to go. Why? Awareness is the aspect that has not come to me. My goal is enlightenment what should I do?