Love and Coincidences

I have recently been grieving over the tragedy of my brothers sudden suicide. In the last 3 months I have had to take care of his estate, financial and basic dealings as the trustee of his will. I have during this time been reunited with an “old flame” for lack of better words. We have become VERY close again and this is something that has happened to us over and over in our lives for the past 25 years. We have never been able to be completely together due to living circumstances and the fact that we are both married. I keep wondering about all of the coincidences that continually bring us together and what they mean. Circumstances and coincidences have brought us together over and over again without the ability to actually be together. We have a deep emotional soulful love for each other and realize that it is a love that has been there basically since the day we met 25 years ago. We have had numerous discussions about this deep, soulful vibration that we are both feeling and have always felt, and it has grown stronger over the years. I truly love this person with my heart and soul and have my whole life. I guess my question is, is the collective universe playing some sort of joke on us by continually bringing us together, when at the same time we are not completely available to each other? There must be a reason.