Meditation Practices

I´ve been practicing the So-Ham-Meditation you recommended in your book “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desires” for quite a while and really have reaped some remarkable benefits from it, even though I only meditate once a day and only from Monday to Friday. I feel more centered in my everyday activities, experience more intuitive insights and synchronicities.

I realized lately in your current videos that now you tend to recommend the I-Am-Mantra. Is there a specific reason to that? I also read from other spiritual teachers, that the actual mantra of the breath is Ham-Sa. And there´s also Primordial Sound Meditation, where the Mantra is chosen very individually according to date, time and place of birth.

So I´m wondering, if there is something I should change in my meditation practice (aside from the fact that I should do it twice every day), which would make it even more effective. Are there really that much differences between the different mantras (there are a lot of them!) and should one stick to only one mantra for an extended period of time?