Parents Disapprove of Career

I am a 24 yrs old girl. I am confused about my career. Actually I am not confused ,but people around me are making the things complex.
My problem is I have done B.Tech in 2008. And after completing it due to recession I did not get the chance to work in an IT company, so I moved to  Human Resources field (which is also great area of interest for me),presently I am doing a HR job and enjoying my work a lot.
But my problem is that, nobody in my family is happy with my job, reason being they think I am wasting my education, and I am earning less money what my friends are earning presently.
My concern is, excellence makes money, and so, if the work I am doing gives me satisfaction will lead to success, but I am unable to convince this thing to my parents, they keep on saying that whatever I am doing is useless.
But believe me I was never interested for a technical job. Completing B.Tech is a different thing, and pursuing a technical job is another.
I am sure that I will not be successful if I take some technical job.This is not actually my career, because my parents are forcing me to do something which I do not like, but I am emotionally attached to my parents, so cannot break their dreams, but at the same time I feel, that I do have some dreams for my life, should I give up my dreams to fulfill my parents’ dreams? Please help me what should I do?
I see my future in HR only, but my parents are not accepting it.