Party Decisions

I have a Christmas party coming up at work, and  I feel like I will only being going out of guilt/it’s the right thing to do. I have an expectation for myself that I should just suck it up and attend the function. Maybe this party is a good way to practice presence, accepting the reality of what is for now, and not paying attention to the ego’s and drama. I fear that if I don’t go, not only will I hear about it(how anti-social I am because I don’t share my personal life with everyone at work, and don’t come to company functions), but on the same hand I feel that if I go I am walking into a hornet’s nest of intoxicated co-workers. As it is, my work environment is not a supportive place to be when you are going through spiritual development; most days it’s hard enough for me to just stay present without judgment. I can be okay with the fact that I am the one with the problem; I want peace and I want freedom from my ego. Thank you for your time, and advice Deepak. Many Blessings to you!!