Past Life Attractions

I believe I read somewhere that you didn’t think remembering earlier life-times was important – and only a few person do.
But – since I actually remember more than one past-time life, I would like to ask you why I do?
I don’t really see the full meaning – but perhaps I can “lean” myself against these inner memories to enrich my present life, and to bring these experiences conscious in order to learn something.
But – I am far from those “lucky meetings” I hear read other people have done with their past-time lovers etc – because when I confront people I recognize from before they don’t seem to remember anything, and don’t even seem to be interested in these issues.
The only thing that is between us is a sort of – often strong – “attraction” that doesn’t lead anywhere.
With one certain person I have experienced a very strong and confusing kind of “presence” after meeting him abroad in practicing my work. This presence was very strong, loving, sometimes he was even close to “materialize” lasted for about two-three years. Meanwhile I tried to contact him by writing letters – but it wasn’t very successful. I closed down myself and stopped this contact at the end, because I didn’t feel well not getting any kind of contact.

And, yes, all these experiences have made me “close down” myself – because I don’t know how to react, how to act and how to handle this. I have nobody to speak with and I admit I feel quite weird and lonely. When feeling this special kind of presence from this man – I sometimes believed I was insane. Now I know I’m not, but still I cannot understand. Can you please help me?