Problem with Manager

I have a question. I moved from NYC to Houston about 9 months ago and the manager who moved me was happy at first and then I slowly figured his less than perfect management style. He has friends who are my peers who get promoted and recognized in cycles and are also given strategic opportunities and I am left wondering what I am doing here in the first place. I have rudely expressed this in my own way and then tried my best to see the best of him, but he always seems to have a trick up his sleeve. It is nothing short of deception riddled with complexity that is hard to figure. His indirect boss who was at first supportive now seems at loggerheads with me and I tried approaching the indirect boss’s boss and that seems to have to put off both these gentlemen.
Amidst all this, I wonder if I have had a hand in co-creating what I am seeing in my career now. I want to succeed but my path looks full of impediments that I am always trying to guard against. Could it be that I am the problem here?