Protection from “baddies”

My son attends primary school where they learn about Christian values. We are open and take our young children to Buddhist temples, Catholic churches and expose them to as many religions as we can when the opportunity arises. I don’t worry about the school being based on Christian values as we openly discuss spirituality at home (although the children are still young). My question is this: My daughter is confused about her teacher telling her not to worry about bad things happening as God will protect her and “smite” the “baddies”.

We live in an area plagued by violent crime and are very security conscious. There have been a number of tragic incidents in our immediate family and I have had to explain events to my children (as it was inescapable). I have taught them that their safety is their responsibility so they have to ensure they don’t run away from me in supermarkets for example. Now my daughter thinks if she prays to God then He will protect her no matter whether she is  alone or with me. I don’t want to scare her, but I don’t want to lull her into a false sense of security either. Crime is real, we don’t focus on it, but sometimes bad things do happen to good people. A family member who was shot during a home invasion, his family tortured, all survived, but she thinks these “victims” must have been “sinners”. I don’t believe in sin, only karma. How do I broach this subject with children under age 7? I want them to love God, pray and feel safe, but not from the literal point of view that nothing bad will EVER happen because God will strike anyone down. What about car accidents? What if I am killed in a hi-jacking? Then my child will turn away from God, feeling let down and lied to. All I have done thus far is explain that there is no death in God’s view so He doesn’t feel the need to protect us from it. Your thoughts?