Psychic Confusion

A family member visited a psychic and brought news that there was in the present an undiscovered illness (bad liver for my dad), Plethora of negative energy emanating from my mother (aside from occasional nagging hard to believe), bad relationship for my sister possibly in the next 23 years, an unwanted pregnancy in a year and finally a curse on our family!!. Sounds at first excess and hard to believe but I’d like to handle this by starting with an open-mind , however at the same time being open also seems to open the doors to all those negative energies, doubts and possibly self-creating this prediction. Little confused??
Other questions that slowly crossed my mind.
Dr. Chopra what is your opinion on psychics do genuine ones exist? Can another conscious mind focus so much good/bad intention as to help/curse a collective consciousness; in our case my family ( and would it matter if we are aware of the intention or not aware)? Does/would the universe respond to such intentions?? If it is all made up then i can see how damaging toxic ideas in the mind are maybe even comparable to a physical assault. Almost like giving someone a depression and getting away with it, are such practices even legal?