Psychic Healing

Dear Deepak, I have experienced some deeply troubling events in my life which have affected me profoundly. After a recent spiritual healing session, I was told that my heart chakra has a gaping hole in it — and just on the other side is an abundance of light, energy, and amazing power. However, the tunnel connecting me to the light is embedded with darkness that must be dealt with in order me to break free.

I was told that I was a victim of ritualistic abuse as a child (I don’t recall this). In order for me to heal, she told me it was not necessary for me to remember the trauma, but to deal with the implications.

During the healing, I had the sensation of having something wrapped around my wrists and an amazing amount of vibrations in my hands and fingertips. I also experienced uterine pain.

I am disturbed by all of this. Do you have recommendations for me?