Purpose of Life

Love is not the purpose of life is it? Dear Dr. Chopra, you always hear everyone talk about Love and how it’s really the only important thing in life, and finding and experiencing Love is our purpose in life – “its all for Love” but that’s not true is it? Most people when they talk about Love, are talking about emotional Love and that’s just an illusion…right?  Our purpose in life is to become self  aware – Enlightened, and Enlightenment is beyond emotion. I find it really depressing and heartbreaking to think that the emotional Love I have for my family, people and the world is nothing more than an illusion, and really meaningless. As desperately as I want to attain Enlightenment, there is a part of me that finds it unappealing and cold. What is the point of feeling emotions when its all just an illusion? One day
when I attain Enlightenment will I lose all my emotion? Or do I have this all wrong?