Recovery from child abuse

I am a single mother of a 10 year old very gifted and strong willed boy.  In October 2008 my son shared devastating news that his cousin had been sexually abusing him for two years.  In August 2009 we finished our trial where my nephew was charged with 6 counts of aggravated sexual assault.  I have had in counseling and feel he is doing better than most given his situation.  However, his anger towards me and his sadness is affecting him in every way.  I give him a safe place to get rid of his anger in what we call ‘special time’ but now he is resisting this too  because he feels the yucky feelings come out and he shuts down.  I am so torn as to how I support his process and guide him without being a victim.  I feel as though time is running short in so many ways before all this pain affects his future academically and emotionally.  He has an amazing heart and soul and truly wants peers to like him and wants to do good but the power struggle is preventing all.  Please guide me as to how I can help a young boy before he reaches the teenage years and then finds other ways to hide his pain.