Reprogramming Yourself after Deprogramming

I am currently reading ‘The Way of The Wizard’ and find it to be a most remarkable work. Upon reading the section on bodies, I decided to investigate the various bodies I have (emotional, mental and causal). I was surprised with the level of accumulation, the disorder and conflict that resided in these as I addressed them in relation to various aspects of my life (relationships, money, religious views etc). In the evening I was utterly exhausted as fatigue was clearly being released.

My question is, what do I do next? This activity forms part of a process of inquiry in which I have arisen from a lengthy ‘dark night’ so it is not as if anything new is being brought to light. It is just the depth of the rabbit hole that surprises me and I wish to continue peeling away these layers. I do meditate regularly also and have begun to intimate my true self with more clarity and regularity.

But, returning to the exercise, is it necessary to programme order into these bodies? Do I need to select new beliefs to replace these conflicting and  somewhat chaotic ones? If so, how do I know if I am choosing the right ones?

There is something not quite right about doing this, it seems somewhat artificial- reminiscent of being caught in the trap of the ego seeking enlightenment. I am curious if this desire for ‘new beliefs’ is just a manifestation of my frightened ego as I move into the unknown? Yet, if I do not have these then what?

Any assistance and light you can shed on this is deeply appreciated.