Right and Wrong

The question is about right and wrong. I think that one has the responsibility to act according to one’s level of consciousness, which gives us a guide of what is right or wrong for us right now. From your definition of karma in Synchrodestiny, it is clear that karma is neither good or bad, it is just the collection of our past experiences, which affects how we interpret the world right now. Doing something which according to our level of consciousness, say kill somebody, does not produce good or bad karma. Then there is the notion that from the point of view of the Universe, everything is perfect, wars, famine and all; everything has a grand purpose in the perfection of creation. But I cannot accept a rape, or a murder, or war as perfect and good. It is something that I interpret from my level of consciousness and I think it is wrong. If everyone thinks everything that happens is OK, then we may end up in anarchy. I think everybody should act according to what they believe is right or wrong.
Anyways… you can tell that there is something that is missing for me to completely understand this. If everything is perfect and good in the grand scheme of the Universe, why do I see things as right or wrong for me? I remember a quote from the Science of Being where Maharishi says that the more we meditate the more clear this will become, but I would really like some clarification from you.