Sat Gurus

I have had a personal Guru for approximately 12 years…… due to some sexual allegations that have come to air I have decided move away from this relationship. ( as I know some people involved and sense that it is true).
MY Guru is certainly of high spiritual calibre.. and I had numerous energetic and psychic experiences that I know he facilitated…..all of which only ever served to affirm that he was a true sat guru……therefore I wholeheartedly honoured him as my external Guru.. and obeyed and heeded his guruvakyas. On some levels I can see that this process has forced me to investigate my level of discrimination, but on others I am still unclear.
I so so  deeply felt that he was my divine master. Now I am feeling a bit like I am in no man’s land…..Do you believe that one can tread this yogic path without the guidance of a sat guru?……I would appreciate any thoughts you have on this matter .