Searching for Contentment

I struggle with believing in God since you can’t see him or her & there are so many other religions out there even with a step mother whose a minister in a Methodist church I still struggle to have faith. My step mother is in Florida & I live in North Carolina she’s isnt much help at times. I think it’s because she’s giving me advice in the past & I listened to her but didn’t follow through what she had told me to do. I feel at times I have no one but my fiancé who cares about my life & my kids’ life here. I know I am not alone but it sure feels that way some days when all others I know won’t return phone calls or respond to emails I send. I know I have issues & life is nowhere near perfect for me but I am trying to live the only way I know how to. How can I get the peace I deserve & feel that I am important?