Slowing Down to Heal

I am a health care practitioner in Chinese medicine. In the last year and a half I have gone through a series of crises, each life challenging and life altering. My mother, who has Alzheimer’s had a major stroke. The same week our family home (my mother’s home-the home I grew up in) was destroyed by a flood and we lost everything. Nothing was saved. My 15 year marriage is ending and I discovered my husband was having an affair. I went to get away and left to relax in Mexico and got in a car accident there. I had a head injury. I will recover, but it left me with concentration problems and short term memory loss. I need to move from my current home and start my life over as I am still in the middle of a very unhealthy situation. I know what I must do, and I want to open my practice in another place. It is the perfect time now that I have no ties and my plan is in place, yet I am frozen! I can hardly concentrate on the tasks at hand. The universe is presenting an amazing opportunity to me yet I am having so much difficulty going forward. I don’t know what to do or the best way to heal. Emotionally and spiritually I am just treading water. It is all so overwhelming and i find myself wasting massive amounts of time and delaying and delaying. What is wrong with me? I would be forever grateful if someone could point me in a more positive direction. Which direction do I go to heal??