Spiritual Evolution in Western society

I often think about dharma and purpose in life, I cannot say I´ve really found it yet, and when I do think about it –
even if I have dreams and passions – the only thing that I can see as absolutely meaningful –
is to become enlightened, to find the true happiness, knowledge and emotional freedom that I´m sure is lurking
just under the surface.
When I think about idols and archetypes, I feel very drawn to the rishis and saints both of today and ancient times,
who have attained this state of mind and live it fully and also have the possibility to heal and help others with their
energy and wisdom.
When I see other people having problems and difficulties, I always wish that I could take them with me beyond
the troubles to that place where I know that peace and freedom is. But to do this, I have to go in to this state myself,
and even if I am always working with developing my self and focus on my spiritual evolvement, I feel that it could be
much more effective and that I could be of so much more help by developing my self more.
I am also somewhat jealous of people who lead a completely spiritual life, like monks and the ancient saints and rishis.
I would like to have a much more slow and calm life with room for a deep and extended spiritual practice, I just don´t
know how to integrate this wish with my ordinary life with full time work and duties.
And that is what my question is about, when you live an ordinary life with work, family etc, how can I have the most effective spiritual progress?
I know that my western way of thinking is shining through that question very much, but I can´t help it, I am so curious and am longing so much. How do people of today in the western society get enlightened? I have a strong longing, but feel at the same time confused how to do it and how to adapt my life in the best way to allow it to happen.