Spiritual Travel

I am aware that there is more than what we think we are. I have had experiences over the years that prove this to me and as I relate this to others – I live in that moment as it was today. My family and I have just returned from a three week tour of Europe and I experienced are awakening of something deeper in me in several historic cathedrals ( Chartres ) and Cathar Country. I yearn to go back and to travel the world to places of enlightenment. Can you tell me what is drawing me to visit these places? I feel a need to go to Peru next. We live in Canada in the Yukon Territory in a recreational cottage area on a lake with nature. I think my life style has aided my spiritual education and really long for the beauty I have seen in a deeper level. I see beauty in poverty as well and when in Venice – experienced a deep sadness for the Roma women who beg on the ground, while everyone snickered and walked by. I think my purpose is a teacher but I am also a seeker. I believe we are in a spiritual evolution. My background is nursing and social work and now a honey business. I really long to live in an area where everyone thinks and feels like me and wonder if there is such a place. Maybe Lilydale? Your response is appreciated.