Synchrodestiny and Plans

I was just reading the Chopra Center newsletter for this month and came across your entry on Synchrodestiny. I was quite responsive to this, as I especially feel lately my life has been guided by the universal consciousness, however there is a part of my rational mind that is frustrated in trying to make sense of life’s occurrences.

On March 2, I arrived in Tokyo on a performance contract for one year. After being there for just 9 days, Japan was with the tragic earthquake/tsunami which put many people’s lives on a 180 degree turn. As performers, we were given the choice to go home for a few weeks until the atmosphere supposedly calmed down a bit, and were to return at the beginning of April if we chose to. I was pondering this decision to go back to Japan, meditating, researching, discussing with family and friends, and finally decided that I would head back to Japan on April 7.

The morning of April 7 i felt quite uneasy about returning and still questioned if it was safe over there or not. Only one hour before I was supposed to board the plane, i received word of the 7.1 aftershock that hit northern Japan. As I was sitting in the airport, it felt as if my entire mind was going through an earthquake of thoughts and my immediate reaction was to not get on the plane to go back. I saw i had many missed phone calls and emails from concerned family/friends and that gave me the signal to pull my bags from the flight. In the end, I will not be traveling back to Japan for this performance contract.

Here is where my question lies in these messages from the universal consciousness. Was this big aftershock a sign from the universe or just a mere coincidence? My ego cant justify why the universe would have me uproot my contented life in Florida, to then experience one of the most tragic earthquakes in history, to come back to my home in NY, decide to leave for Japan and then finally bring me right back to where I started.

If you could please share your insights on synchrodestiny in regards to signs from higher consciousness, intuition, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. Namaste!