Synchronicity in Traffic

Synchronicity – what next?  I was driving home from an exceptionally arduous work trip.  I was exhausted, caught in traffic, fighting with my boyfriend.  Tears were streaming, curse words were flying. I had just gotten a ticket for not having money to pay my toll fare. I was so angry, so lost and so scared.  I quickly exited the Brooklyn queens expressway hoping I could avoid traffic and calm myself down.  I felt like I was at the end — “WHY?”.  When suddenly I had the thought, “what if this is the universe’s way of steering me in the right direction.  what if in this very moment, I came across my future and everything I’ve ever wanted?” and I even thought of a specific person’s name.  This person is someone who I have had dreams about for the last year.  I have been drawn to him in various ways and we have crossed each other’s paths frequently.  We do not know each other but we know of each other.  At that very moment, I looked up and he was riding his bike right next to my
car.  I decided not to stop because, well frankly, what would I say? With tears and puffy eyes?  “I was just thinking about you!” That’s nuts!  I decided the universe was telling me to break up with my boyfriend and I did.  But could there be any significance in seeing “him”. I haven’t seen him since.  What next?