Taking a Chance

For the moment I´m totally lost and confused and it causes me daily feelings of stress, anxiety, headache and stomach pain.

I am in a situation regarding job and place of living that I have to change and now an opportunity for that might have come. But the problem is that I don´t know if the timing is right or not, I have
longed for this opportunity to come, but now I am extremely scared. The problem I have is that I don´t know if I have these tough feelings because the timing is not right (if I have to prepare more, or if that is
not the right place to live),if I am just scared of change and uncertainty regarding money (I have to give up a good salary for not knowing if I will have any money), or if I´m afraid to know what I really feel since my opinion might be in conflict with others.

Stress, feelings and thoughts are whirling around so much in my body that I can´t even feel or think clearly. I have a healthy, regular lifestyle and also meditate twice a day. Right now I feel this is what makes me keep my head above the water line, otherwise I think I would freak out. But even if my meditation practice works well and I find peace, I don´t find the answers of what is right to do and how to handle my feelings and fears, and how to sort out what is what, what is fear and what is my honest will. Do you have any suggestions on how to do that, how to go on?
I would appreciate any answer a lot.