The Influence of Others

I was driving south on the 101 from Santa Barbara back home to Los Angeles. My trips to Santa Barbara are filled with nostalgia. I spent some of my best, most free years there. It’s inevitable that my drives back to Los Angeles consist of an hour and half of evaluating where I am at now, in my life and why I don’t feel as light and free as I did in Santa Barbara. I truly believe it’s because it’s the people and things I have chosen to surround myself with. I feel like it’s chaotic. I came to the conclusion I only have one friend that isn’t in some kind of constant life crisis. So here is my question. I turned my radio on and heard you talking about how the people your surround yourself with effect you. You were talking about something like if your neighbor is smiling it effects you. I only caught the tail end of it. I was wondering if there is a book you could recommend to me on this topic? Thank you