The Law of Least Action for Nine-Year Olds

Attended the Seduction of Spirit seminar recently, and have had a meditation and yoga practice for about six months now.  I am focusing on the seven spiritual laws – one each day – and have a question regarding the Law of Least Effort as it applies to parenting.  I have a nine-year-old son, and he seems to reject doing anything that’s the least bit difficult.  As an example, he doesn’t want to read.  His assignments at school call for him to read each night for 30 minutes, and take tests on books he reads each week, accomplishing a certain amount of reading per grade period.  Each day this exercise becomes a battle.  When he sees the amount he has to read, he responds with tears, fits, and a sense of hopelessness.  I have been forcing him into the exercise, hoping that by building a habit, things will get easier day by day.  This has been my approach to most aspects of parenting.  I am realizing, however, that this approach is very much centered in control – me imposing my will onto my son, forcing him to accept my opinion or my truth.  I am confused about how to help my son develop good habits without force and resistance.  How can I apply the law of least effort without having him simply give up?