The Play of Creation

In your last post on your homepage where you write about your ideas on The Future of God, these two things are written:

“It would be very difficult to explain why the Universe would have begun in just this way, except as the act of a God who intended to create beings like us.”

“Evolution proceeds naturally once set in motion through gene variation and natural selection. The current state of this process is homo sapiens and an exquisite nervous system through which consciousness becomes conscious of itself through us.”

I understand the ideas as that God has created the universe because it wants to become aware of itself.
Why does this Consciousness/God need to become aware of itself, isn´t it already totally aware if it can create a Universe?
If it creates it for fun I can understand it, but can it possibly be more aware?
Or is it so that one part of God is aware and one is not, and that the aware part does the unaware part a favour by letting it explore and discover itself by creating a whole universe for it?
Or does Consciousness/God create Universes without being aware of what it´s doing?

As you might have noticed, I really don´t understand this, I find it very contradicting. Can you explain?