Trouble Moving On

I am having a lot of trouble moving on from the last man I’ve dated.  I find myself with a heavy heart and grief filled, often becoming overly emotional and weeping over this loss even though a significant amount of time has passed since our last meeting (over 6 months). We didn’t spend too much physical time together, but were often in communication over the course of a year.  I believe I am an HSP and become very emotionally attached to “significant others” even if we only date a few times.  I dwell on “what could have been”  and try to stay positive but find it increasingly difficult to learn a positive lesson from this relationship instead of dwelling on the loss.  Staying open to meeting other men and delving into new relationships becomes increasingly daunting as I am afraid of getting hurt or being rejected. What is your advice for moving on, remaining open to love, and clearing myself of this negative energy?  Many thanks.