Turning Back Biological Time

I recently saw a TV programme where a group of people in their 70’s were taken back to 1975 by living in an environment associated only with 1975, i.e. all radio, TV, newspapers, clothing etc were of that time. The effects were quite amazing as they began to forget pain, ailments etc & began to behave as they were 35 years previous with positive physical & mental results. As my best year was 1975 {I was 14 years then} I easily mentally transported myself into it.
I have suffered back & neck pain for 15 years & spent many months at a time with chiropractors but I “knew” I could eliminate pain by transporting myself back to 1975 when I was pain free. The effect was instant & I’ve had no pain for a week & am doing things like, gardening, digging, reaching, bending & not just 5 mins here & there but ALL day! I can’t stop laughing.
However I am noticing a downside to it. I am usually a quiet solitude person & absolutely love walks in nature, reading, knitting, quiet time with God, & listening to inspirational audio including yourself, but I am finding myself with an attitude I don’t like, one of impatience, boredom, anxiousness with everything I actually love. I am beginning to think this is who I was at 14 & I’ve brought her into 2010 while I’m back in 75. I didn’t realise I was so arrogant & anxious with life then, I always saw it as my best year as I saw a future out of my life at the time & the world was full of opportunity for new things. How do I merge the two. I want to remain pain free & active {I no longer spend 4 hours in the afternoon napping now either!?} But I want to ditch the attitude. I feel solid like I’m somehow detaching from spirit. I seem to remember a study like this previously in the states where the 1950’s were used & great results appeared there too. I found it most interesting then but didn’t think to apply. It was the 1975 that “got me”.