Unfinished Business

I fell in love with a 22 year girl (for the first time in my life, I’m 32) who was my private teacher in music. At first, I found her just cute but I did not feel attracted to her at all as a women (maybe because she’s young) but I felt an immediate connection with her I’d never felt before. From her body language and many things, signs I felt from the beginning that she was really attracted to me, and as time went by I realised that I had feelings for her. (It seemed her personality was very similar to mine) and I wanted to get to know her better but did not get any real opportunity to meet her apart from our classes (she had a boyfriend) although I tried everything. After 6-7 months I wrote her an e-mail in which I told her to stop lessons since I had feelings for her and how I knew the whole thing was so unrealistic etc… I also met with her but she was very negative and hostile and had nothing nice to say to me. She behaved as if she was a different person. (although by that time she had broken up with his boyfriend).
How do you think I can move on? I feel so UNFINISHED since I never got a real chance to get to know her. During summer we had no lessons but I wanted to meet her so much that we accidentally met on the street. (was that accidental? This kind of thing never happened to me before.) So, I’m still hoping that life gives me a second chance to get to know her but it’s been a month and nothing happened and maybe that was it. What do you suggest? Maybe I should not have stopped our lessons but my feelings hurt me so much and no possibility showed up to get closer to her. It hurts so much and I miss her and don’t understand why this happened.