Unfinished Business

I have felt that my life, since age 14, has been a series of coincidental incidents. I have said many times, “Life gives one glimpses into the future if you pay attention to and acknowledge the signs”! For example, at age 14, I met my future mother-in-law and some how “knew” she would be an important part of my life. Twenty-five years later, I married her son. True story. I have experienced many situations like this in my life but only put a name to it when I read your book about SynchroDestiny. I now believe nothing is coincidence, it’s all part of the grand plan designed for us by G&d. My question for you is this: Is there a concept of “unfinished destiny”? I ask because I have someone in my life who is becoming more important to me and I wonder if we have an unfinished destiny to explore. Do you believe this is possible?