2012 Sages and Scientists Alumnus Artist, Chloe Flower jumps to support the fight against sex trafficking. She takes the leap this Saturday in Santa Barbara. All proceeds will benefit Somaly Mam Foundation.

Thank you so much for your support in the fight to end sex trafficking, your donation means the world, and can change anothers…
much love
Chloe Flower

Chloe Flower



In this global crisis, children as young as four years old may be sold for as little as $50 dollars and forced to service up to 30 clients a day.
According to UNICEF, as many as 2 million children are subjected to prostitution in the global commercial sex trade. The average age of first exploitation through prostitution is 13. At least 100,000 of those children are in the United States.
Every Contribution Helps …
• $1.00 a day supports hygiene materials and clothing for a center resident.
• $2.00 provides more than a full day of three nutritious meals, including 700 grams of rice and meat or fish and
vegetables at each meal.
• $3.50 supports a full day of art therapy materials for a center.
• $5.00 is the cost of one month of counseling and psychological services for one shelter resident.
• $7.50 is all it takes for the outreach team to reach one victim of human trafficking and provide education, condoms,
and hygienic materials.
• $10.00 covers one month of health care expenses.
• $18.00 one-step closer to our project rescue goal, where we can fund rescues for a year.
• $30.00 provides an exam and blood test for a girl rescued from sexual slavery in South East Asia.
• $150.00 covers a month of books and materials for the center library, supporting 70 girls.