Cosmic Consciousness – Sages and Scientists: Nancy Abrams

Nancy Abrams, a lawyer, writer, and philosopher of science, discusses the importance of “cosmic consciousness” in uniting our world and dealing with current global problems.* The term “cosmic” comes from the Greek word for “order.” Thus “cosmic consciousness” refers to our perception of the order of the universe. If we can develop a shared picture of the true reality of our universe, we may have the potential to unite our globe and thrive in the decades to come.

In part 2, she explains why the entire universe is spiritual. By her definition, “spiritual” identifies the experience of a connection to a perception of reality. Sound complicated? Check out the Cosmic Uroboros and Abrams’ explanation of why science and spirituality go hand in hand.

In part 3, Abrams explains why we suffer from “scale confusion.” A person can experience humans emotions; a corporation cannot. This applies to cosmic consciousness, as well. We must learn to think, experience, and feel on different cosmic size scales. Living consciously means navigating the personal, the political and the cosmic.Our greatest hope is to live joyfully, on this level.