Love in Action

If you can not attend in person, please join the conversation:  Citizen Global

Let’s protect our valuable water

Are we all FRACKED? Well, we hope not. Because fracking is the injection of high pressure water and chemicals into the ground in order to extract oil or natural gas, and it is severely polluting our water, and endangering our health throughout the country. We all need clean water, so please join actor Mark Ruffalo by sharing your outrage, personal story or experience about fracking or how unclean water affected your life.


Join Fran Drescher in saying  Cancer Schmancer

Cancer Schmancer. It’s not just a funny rhyme, it’s the name of the Foundation that actress Fran Drescher started to empower women and transform them from patients into medical consumers, and to shift this nation’s priority from searching for a cancer cure towards prevention and early detection of cancer. Please join Fran and share your personal story about cancer prevention, early detection or treatment, and be part of the Cancer Schmancer movement.