The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness

What Leaders are saying about “The Soul of Leadership”

The Soul of Leadership unfolds as an exceptional guide for remembering how to access the peace and clarity the soul brings to any vision, decision, action, or non action.  Deepak Chopra’s latest book lights the way to twenty first century leadership, where consciousness, love, and compassion redefine the locus of power in relationships and organizations.” – John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market

“Chopra masterfully decodes the heart and craft alchemy of great leadership and yields not just a “how come” but the “how to” architecture for its successful application.” – Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group

“Deepak Chopra really gets it – true leadership begins at the spiritual level. It’s not about popularity, power or piling up profits; it’s about getting your ego out of the way so that you can serve the greater good. At a time when the world desperately needs love-based leaders, this throughout guide is a godsent.” – Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Lead with LUV

“In our increasingly interconnected world, we have learned that neither government nor the private sector an solve the world’s problems alone.  In order to both do well and do good, we must work in partnership and we must ‘lead from the soul’ to achieve our common goals.  Deepak Chopra has clearly shown us the way forward in his insightful and compelling new book, The Soul of Leadership, a must-read for the leaders of today and tomorrow” – Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley, Former US Ambassador to Portugal, Former Senior Advisor to the US Department of State

“Deepak Chopra shows that true leadership comes not from exploiting people’s fear and anger but from helping them tap into their better angels. The Soul of Leadership is an invaluable resource, demonstrating how we all can become enlightened leaders in our own lives.” – Arianna Huffington, Co Founder and Editor in Chief of The Huffington Post

“I greatly enjoyed Deepak’s newest book, The Soul of Leadership.  From the chapter about synchronicity on, I couldn’t put it down.  It’s got so many quality ideas that it must be read a second time.  The book inspired me to become a better leader. ” – George Zimmer, Men’s Wearhouse

“Leadership begins at home and in the heart.  Deepak Chopra offers not only a blueprint, a step by step guide to releasing the power of leadership within each of us, but a powerful call to action.  By evolving toward an ever higher level of spiritual awareness, we have the capacity to change our lives and the world itself.  An insightful, inspirational, and much-needed book.” – William Cohen, former U.S. Secretary of Defense

“Deepak Chopra opens the door for today’s leaders to access the secrets of success we all need without giving up who we are.” – Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of

“Deepak is the best leadership teacher in the world on the role miracles play in global outcomes. His writings on connectedness and synchronicity are ten years ahead of the rest in this new science. He absolutely nails ‘one consciousness’ in this book, which might be the single most advanced leadership breakthrough in history.” – Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of Gallup