The Urban Yogis and Deepak

Deepak and Urban Yogis

Deepak and the Urban Yogis at Peace Week

Seven Practices of Peace (taken from Peace is the Way, by Deepak Chopra)

1. Sunday: Being for Peace

Today take five minutes to meditate for peace. Put your attention on your heart and inwardly repeat these four words: Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love☺

2. Monday: Thinking for Peace

Today introduce the Intention of peace in your thoughts. Take a few moments of silence, then repeat this prayer: LET ALL BEINGS BE HAPPY, LOVED & PEACEFUL. LET THE WHOLE WORLD EXPERIENCE THESE THINGS.

3. Tuesday: Feeling for Peace

Today is the day to experience the emotions of peace. The emotions of peace are COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING and LOVE☺

4. Wednesday: Speaking for Peace

Today, the purpose of speaking is to create happiness in the listener. Have this intention: Today every word I utter will be chosen consciously. I will REFRAIN from complaints, condemnation and criticism.

5. Thursday: Acting for Peace

Today is the day to help someone in need. Help can take many forms. Tell yourself: Today I will offer help without asking for gratitude or recognition☺

6. Friday: Creating for Peace

Today, come up with at least one creative idea to resolve a conflict, either in your personal life or your family circle or among friends. Try to create trust & eliminate hidden hostility & suspicion- the two great enemies of peace.

7. Saturday: Sharing for Peace

Today, share your practice of peacemaking with two people. As more of us participate in this sharing, our practice will expand into a critical mass – reaching many instead of a few.