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Q: Who should participate in the Online Questionnaire study?

A: Those interested in taking a Chopra Center for Wellbeing program or course, AND interested in participating in ground-breaking research. In order to participate you must be 18 years of age or older, and currently enrolled in one of our Chopra Center programs (i.e. Seduction of Spirit, Journey Into Healing, Healing the Heart etc.). You must also have access to the internet. Eligible participants, after having been determined you are in fact enrolled in a Chopra Center program, will attend the selected course while adhering to study requirements and assessments. Study requirements involve a time commitment of completing online questionnaires at three different time points. If you are having trouble selecting which program may be the best fit for you, we encourage you to reach out to your program consultant. Any questions that are research related can be addressed and emailed to Lizzy Weiss, Chopra Foundation Research Associate, with the subject line: Online Questionnaire FAQ to research@chopra.com.

Q: How can I participate in the Online Questionnaire study?

A: In order to participate you must fit the criteria described above. If you feel you qualify after having reviewed the main points above, please email Lizzy Weiss, Chopra Foundation Research Associate, with the subject line: Online Questionnaire FAQ to research@chopra.com. From there, Lizzy will be able to verify that you are eligible to participate in the Online Questionnaire study. If you do not wish to participate in the study, and would like to support the study, we encourage you to find “SBTI” on the donation page of www.choprafoundation.org. All funds directed to SBTI are in efforts to help finance research initiatives the Chopra Center and Chopra Foundation endorse to bring scientific evidence to ancient wisdom and teachings.

Q: What is involved in participation and where is this study taking place?

A: The questionnaire study takes place online and participation requires certain responsibilities such as answering personal and psychological questionnaires. You will NOT be paid for your participation. Please keep in mind there is a time commitment which includes, but is not limited to, taking the questionnaires: one month to one week prior to your program, the on-site study dates (which is the program you are attending), and one month following your program. Questionnaires should not take longer than 45 minutes to complete each assessment time.

Q: Is there a cost to participate?

A: No, there is no direct cost to participate in this study. However, to attend a Chopra Center program there is an enrollment fee. Depending on the program you select, the price of the enrollment fee may vary. The only cost associated with the Online Questionnaire study is the time commitment involved as described in Question 3, in addition to any costs associated with travel expenses to and stay at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA (and potentially other locations depending upon the program you select).

Q: What personal results can I expect, and what’s going to happen with the data?

A: Personal results will not be offered for this study, however, aggregate results of those who have participated in the Online Questionnaire study will be published at a future date (TBD) in a scientific journal. These findings will be announced to individuals who have participated in the Online Questionnaire study. In other words, participants and others will get final data in the form of a publication but not individual results. Any and all data will be presented anonymously in the published article and stored in a confidential database.

Q: What are my next steps to participate?

A: After having reviewed the following documents- Online Questionnaire Study Description and Electronic Consent Form:

  1. Please send an email to Lizabeth Weiss, with the subject line QSTUDY to research@chopra.com and inform her you wish to participate in the questionnaire study. Please provide your date of birth, program/date you are attending, in addition to a signed copy of the electronic consent form.
  2. You will then receive a confirmation from Lizzy and instructions on how to proceed to complete the questionnaires online. Questionnaires will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

We ask that you complete these questionnaire(s) prior to coming to the Chopra Center (i.e. Seduction of Spirit), and again the last day of your program. We also require that you submit these questionnaire(s) one month following your course. An email for each scheduled time point will be sent reminding you of when your questionnaires should be comple


Q: What if I can’t sign the electronic consent form?

A: Look for a tab on the top right hand side of the PDF to “Fill & Sign”. From here you should be able to add text, place initials, or place signature. Please select “place signature” and sign the form electronically. If you are still having difficulty signing the form electronically, you may print the document, sign it and scan it to research@chopra.com. If you do not have scanning capabilities, you may print the document, sign it and take a photograph of your written consent. You will then send the photograph in JPEG form to research@chopra.com.

Q: What if I have more questions that have not been answered here?

A: Please contact Lizzy Weiss, Chopra Foundation Research Associate, with the subject line: Online Questionnaire FAQ for further inquiries. Emails can be sent to research@chopra.com