Ongoing Educational Activities

Education & Research


International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health, Las Vegas, NV, 2016 (Paul Mills presented with Kathy Wilson and Meredith Pung from UCSD)

UCTV Wellbeing Channel. The channel launched August 2016 and is an official collaboration between the Chopra Center, Jiyo and the University of California. Paul serves as the faculty director of the channel, overseeing programing.

Deepak Chopra and Paul Mills. Society of Consciousness Studies, “Research on Wellbeing and Consciousness at the Chopra Foundation, Where Science and Soul Coexist”, for the Society of Consciousness Studies’ newsletter.

White Paper for DOD. Wrote a white paper on “Complementary and Integrative Health Research Program” to expand DOD funding for integrative medicine research.

Tiffany Barsotti, Paul Mills and Deepak Chopra. From Survival to Grace: Using Archetypes in Your Personal Evolution, SF Gate.

Sophia University. We worked with the Dean and faculty there to provide content and support for a new Master’s Program in Consciousness Studies at Sophia.