The Chopra Foundation advances scientific understanding of consciousness, seeking specific brain mechanisms underlying mind/body and spiritual awareness, as well meditative, altered and non-local states. These are all described experientially in many cultures including ancient Vedic writings, but have eluded classical science. Now, new discoveries in quantum biology, neuroscience, physics and cosmology suggest finer scale quantum activities within brain neurons may somehow produce unified conscious awareness, connected to deeper levels of the universe. This general framework is consistent with ancient wisdoms, and an important area of research.



Experimental research proposals from established investigators in psychology/cognitive science, neuroscience, molecular biology, quantum physics and cosmology are preferred in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Neuroscience and Retrocausality
  • Near Death and End-of-Life Brain Activity
  • Transcranial Therapies
  • Brain Monitoring in Altered States
  • Fractal Models of the Brain
  • Consciousness and Reality




The Chopra Foundation will announce three awards in the sum of $50,000 USD each to be awarded to the abstracts deemed most deserving of the grant funds.

THE ABSTRACT 1 page, 500 word Abstracts will be considered for the annual prize.