How Deepak Chopra’s Kinect Game Works

How Deepak Chopra's Kinect Game Works How Deepak Chopra's Kinect Game Works

How do you make an Xbox 360 game out of Deepak Chopra’s spiritual beliefs and practices? You don’t, not exactly. You make Leela which is half a collection of motion-controlled mini-games associated with different chakras—points of spiritual energy located in a person’s body—and half a training tool to meditate better.

I recently tried Leela and shot the video here to show how the game part of it works. What you’ll see of the November 11 game is a little rough (blame my iPhone and the challenges of shooting a Kinect game), but I think the video and the demonstration by the game’s developers, explains a lot. It doesn’t show you the part where it was teaching me to meditate, unfortunately. It could even detect the motion of my breathing, which was very cool.

Look for more on Leela in the future here on Kotaku. This is one fascinating Kinect project and the rare game that isn’t so much about conflict and clashing as it is about feeling at peace.

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