Chopra Foundation Longevity Program

The Chopra Foundation’s Longevity Program

Recent research on genetic and epigenetic models of aging suggests that less than five percent of age-related chronic illnesses originate in genetics, meaning that more than ninety-five percent are due to lifestyle choices that disrupt our biological rhythms, self-regulation and our body’s ability to self- repair. While genetic mutations are not fully preventable or reversible, there is promise of gene editing in the near future.

In fact, data and research on epigenetics indicate that the human healthspan and lifespan could be extended beyond 100 years and that the future of well-being is precise, personalized, preventable, predictable, process-oriented, participatory, and even reversible. Current approaches to longevity and healthspan focus on a variety of interventions to slow down and prevent aging.

The Chopra foundation Longevity program is focused on Lifestyle interventions include sleep, stress management, a deep understanding of polyvagal theory, selective vagal stimulation, mind-body coordination through various yoga postures, breathing techniques, interoceptive awareness and learning to master the autonomic nervous system, particularly the ability to reduce sympathetic overdrive and maximize vagal tone. In addition, nutrition that reduces inflammation, triggers self-healing, restores biological rhythms, promotes mastery over emotions and relationships, and supports the cultivation of a youthful mind, should not be understated.

Applied properly, these measures have been shown to slow down and even reverse they key biomarkers related to aging and well-being. The foundation has developed “Chopra Ayush Kriya®”  along with Deepak Chopra, based on his longevity practice. The program and research are designed to be shared by with communities globally to transform well-being and reduce the burden on the healthcare system, and alleviate human suffering.

Chopra Longevity – Pillars

  1. Sleep
  2. Meditation & Stress Management
  3. Movement – Yoga, Pranayama, Vagal Activation
  4. Emotion Management
  5. Detox & Reset
  6. Nutrition/Nourishment
  7. Biological Rhythms
  8. Perception of Time
  9. Youthful Aesthetics
  10. Youthful Biology
  11. Community
  12. Self Awareness/Realization