Deepak Launches: The Conversation at Homebase – LIVE STREAM

Livestreaming April 14-15

Deepak HomeBase, co-created by Deepak Chopra and ABC Carpet & Home CEO Paulette Cole, is both a physical and a virtual salon; a multi media expanded classroom & a curated conversation, hosted by visionary futurist Deepak Chopra, with the iconic characters and luminaries of our time.

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April 14, 7 pm EST
Food Safety: GE Alfalfa

The Conversation with Deepak Chopra, host
Andrew Kimbrell and Debbie Barker, Center for Food Safety and Gary Hirshberg, Founder and CEO Stonyfield Farm

The USDA recently permitted genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa to be planted, most of which will be fed to dairy cattle. The government has not adequately tested the impact of GE crops on the environment, and human and animal health, and products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) will not be labeled:
April 15, 10:30 am EST
Meditation with Deepak Chopra

A Unique opportunity to learn mindfulness and mindful living techniques.
Deepak Chopra will review the profound effects meditation has on the neuro-plasticity of the brain.
In times of intense conflict, ecological devastation, economic disparities and social injustice,
simple mediation techniques can help personal and collective healing.

April 15, 6 pm EST
Nuclear Cautions and Parallels: Fukushima and Indian Point

The Conversation with Deepak Chopra, host

Paul Gallay, Executive Director of Riverkeeper
Arnold Gundersen, Nuclear Engineer and Expert Witness
Duane Peterson, President of VPIRG and coordinator for the campaign to retire Vermont Yankee
Harvey Wasserman, journalist and pioneer of global grassroots movement against nuclear power
Indian Point nuclear power plant dangerously parallels Fukushima Daiichi in age and technology with vulnerability to earthquake and terrorism. It is located only 35 miles north of NYC within a radius of 20 million people.
About Deepak HomeBase
Deepak HomeBase is both a physical and a virtual salon; a vital, living, interactive, experiential platform;
a multi-media expanded classroom and a curated conversation, hosted by visionary futurist Deepak Chopra, with the iconic characters and luminaries of our times. In a time where humanity is facing some difficult, painful and mysterious questions, Deepak’s gift is more deeply relevant than ever, as he is poised to ask the questions, create the inquiry, and host the solutions and the debate. The Conversation raises the bar on integrity and intelligence.

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