The Wall Street Journal: Five Best Business Books to Read for Your Career in 2011

Will 2011 bring a huge market boom or another economic catastrophe? Depends on who you ask. Still, there is no bear market for career advice and it almost always pays dividends. Here are some new offerings that will serve you well in the New Year.  Published by The Wall Street Journal

The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness, selected as one of the five best business books to read in 2011.

“Chopra, the author of “How to Know God” and “The Path to Love” probably doesn’t carry as much clout in the business world as the Sage of Omaha, but he’s has been teaching CEOs for some time. The core of his counseling here is of the know thyself variety, which is never bad advice.

Chopra writes: “At the deepest level, a leader is the symbolic soul of a group.” Meditate on that.”