Living Beyond Your Label: How one person’s random act of kindness sparked a movement

Madison Steiner changed the course of her journey with a selfless act of giving, and along the way created an entire community of kindness.

At a young age, Madison Steiner discovered that no matter what labels were assigned to her, the most important was the label she assigned to herself. This discovery led to her cultivating the label of kindness ambassador, which has grown into the creation of Peach’s Neet Feet. This organization provides custom, hand-painted shoes to children living with disabilities and fighting serious illnesses. What began as a love of art and giving has grown into a movement of kindness. Through her work, Madison is raising consciousness about generosity. She invites everyone to see themselves beyond what society calls them and begin spreading kindness in their own communities.

Madison Steiner, President of Peach’s Neet Feet…