Spiritual Solution #20: Turn Separation into Unity

By Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond

What Would Jesus Do?
What would Jesus do in my shoes? He would keep walking the path. He would manifest as much courage, truth, sympathy, and love as he actually possessed. He wouldn’t pretend to be what he wasn’t. The Son of Man was most human when he mirrored the conflicts of everyday life even as he rose above it. Your goal and mine isn’t to imitate Jesus. It is, as he said, to abide in him. We can do that at the level of consciousness by becoming part of the unending process that turns separation into unity. Our lives belong to that process as surely as the life of the Messiah did.
Adapted from The Third Jesus, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).

We Are What We Buy
The products we use are not “out there,” separate from us. A child who uses solvent-based gel pens or markers for his artwork may exhibit neurotoxic exposure later in the day with hyperactive behavior—with no link being drawn to the markers as a cause. A woman may take an antidepressant when, in fact, her symptoms of depression are classic symptoms of organophosphate pesticide poisoning from the pesticides used by the lawn care company. A man may feel exhausted after work every day and attribute it to job stress, when the true cause may be the formaldehyde in the pressed-wood desk he sits at all day.
Adapted from Home Enlightenment, by Annie B. Bond (Rodale, 2005).