Spiritual Solutions #8: Find Harmony, Sanctuary

Spiritual Solutions #8: Find Harmony, Sanctuary

By Deepak Chopra  and Annie B. Bond

Find Harmony

When mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result. Signs of the absence of harmony, on the other hand, are discomfort, pain, depression, anxiety, and illness in general. Unhappiness is a form of feedback. It signals that disharmony has entered the field somewhere—either in mind, body, or spirit. Awareness has become disconnected. Only when we look at the situation in this holistic way can we link health, wholeness, and holiness, for all three share the same root word, and all three share the same state of harmony or disharmony.

Adapted from The Ultimate Happiness Prescription, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2009).

Find Sanctuary

The deepest gratification in living a less toxic way of life is that our health is protected from unnecessary chemical overload. Our bodies are under less stress and home is a haven, a natural sanctuary, a place to fully rest and recuperate. The quality of our lives is improved. In addition to causing cancer, many synthetic chemicals affect our central nervous systems, and that can leave us cranky, irritable, or with a headache. By contrast, fresh, clean air renews and rejuvenates, improving our well-being.

Adapted from Better Basics for the Home, by Annie B. Bond (Three Rivers Press, 1999).